At Eagle Strategies, we help you by providing:

ORGANIZATION:  We help bring order to your financial life by assisting you in getting your financial house in order from "big picture" items like investments, insurance, estate conservation, et al, to "small picture" items like cash flow.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  We help you follow through on your financial commitments by working with you to prioritize your goals, showing you the steps you need to take, and regularly reviewing with you the progress you have made toward achieving those commitments and goals.

OBJECTIVITY:  We bring insight from the outside to help you avoid emotionally-driven decisions in important money matters.  We are available to consult with you at key moments of decision making.  We do the research necessary for you to have the information you need to make those decisions.  We disclose fully any of our own conflicts of interest.

EDUCATION:  We explore what specific knowledge will be needed to help you succeed in your situation.  First, we work to gain an understanding of your situation.  Then we provide the resources necessary to help you take action.  Finally, we explain the options that are available to you and the risks associated with each choice.

PROACTIVITY:  We work with you to implement your plans and we assess future opportunities and/or problems.  We help you create the action plan necessary to address and manage these situations.

PARTNERSHIP:  We work with you, not just for you, to translate your plans and goals into reality.  We are transparent about our own costs, fees, and compensation.