About My Clients

I realize that each person is unique, with special needs and circumstances. The list below describes many of the qualities of the people with whom I work:

  • Care deeply for family, community and other people
  • Charitably inclined
  • Interested in leaving a legacy for future generations of their family
  • Have important financial goals and are committed to acting on them
  • Serious about making wise decisions with their money
  • Seeks a trusting relationship with an experienced financial professional
  • Concerned about the quality of their life
  • Have investable assets
  • Teachable and not easily influenced by the financial media
  • Value experienced professional advice
  • I listen
  • I care
  • Experienced in a variety of market conditions and environments
  • Long-term perspective
  • Thorough evaluation by an experienced, trained professional
  • Proactive and structured process
  • Provide full disclosure of opportunities, benefits, costs, and trade-offs
  • Personalized and customized solutions
  • Offer wide range of high quality services and products from some of the most respected financial institutions in the world
  • Frequent reviews
  • Responsive and proactive client service
  • Strong network of outside professionals to whom I refer clients when necessary