We work with individuals to create multi-generational solutions in the following areas:


Financial Planning

We offer an objective, fee-based approach to financial planning.  The solutions we propose and the strategies you decide to implement will depend on your personal circumstances and objectives.  You may choose to work with us on a comprehensive plan, or limit the scope and focus of your plan to help achieve one or more of the following benefits:

  • Enhanced retirement security
  • Reduction of investment risk
  • Better coordination of company benefits with personal needs
  • Blended family concerns [His/Her Money--My Money--Our Money]
  • Reduced taxes
  • Better cash flow from investments
  • Reduced insurance costs 

Lifetime Wealth Strategies - A New Definition of Wealth

What do you include when asked to determine the value of your total economic wealth?  If you are like most investors, you probably turn to a balance sheet of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate holdings, and retirement savings accounts to calculate your financial net worth.  This traditional definition of wealth, however, is incomplete.  It overlooks what may be your largest asset - your "human capital".

Human capital is the present value of all your expected future income, including your pension income and Social Security benefits.  Our approach is to evaluate your current income, your savings rate, and your work or retirement situation to help determine how large an asset human capital is for you and its affect on your overall asset allocation.

Your human capital should drive life insurance selection and asset allocation decisions in pre-retirement and retirement.  In pre-retirement, incorporate life insurance into your asset allocation to help mitigate risk and enhance the economic value of your portfolio.  In retirement, use guaranteed lifetime income annuities* to hedge against the risk of outliving your retirement savings.

With my guidance in the assessment of your financial situation and the establishment of your goals and priorities, I can develop long-term financial strategies for you that provide solutions that address both asset allocation and insurance needs.

For a free lifetime wealth strategies consultation please call (423) 855-5531.

*Guarantees are backed by the claims paying ability of the issuer.

Wealth Preservation

We work with you to create multi-generational wealth transfer plans. What are the best methods to pass wealth to children and grandchildren in a way that can create opportunities instead of problems?

The changing nature of tax laws demands that plans be implemented and reviewed regularly.

Estate Conservation

What is the best way to arrange your estate?  What about your family?  Your business?  Heirs?  How can you escape federal and state death taxes legitimately?  Are all your beneficiaries up to date?  Are your plans current? 

The changing nature of tax laws demands that plans be implemented and reviewed regularly.

Retirement Planning

The amount you will need in retirement depends upon many factors.  Current trends indicate that employer-sponsored plans and social security will provide less of what you need than in previous generations, and that inflation and health care costs will impose a major impact on virtually everyone's retirement plans. 

We work with you to evaluate your retirement goals and objectives as well as your sources of funding.

Education Funding

Finding the money for your children's or grandchildren's education is a major challenge.  Early planning and funding can help reduce the financial burden. 

We work with you to prioritize your educational objectives, identify sources of funds, consider the various educational funding accounts, qualified state tuition plans (also known as Section 529 Plans)§, Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts, Uniform Transfers/Gifts to Minors Accounts, and prepaid tuition plans.

§Securities offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC)

Charitable Gifting

Many individuals can achieve significant charitable estate planning goals by taking full advantage of annual and lifetime gifting exclusions.  Others may wish to create charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts, private foundations, or other programs recommended by their own legal, tax, and/or accounting advisers.

Portfolio Management

You can now receive the same portfolio management services as many institutional investors-whether it is a separately managed account or a mutual fund wrap portfolio.

Some benefits of managed portfolios include:

  • Providing access to top-tier investment management professionals
  • Tailored portfolios to meet specific investment needs
  • Ownership of individual securities

Asset Allocation

In asset allocation planning, decisions about the amounts of stocks, bonds, and other assets to hold in one's portfolio are very important.  Simply buying and selling in response to the market can be devastating over the short-term.  We work with you to determine the proper mixture of asset classes to help meet your risk/reward profile*.

Business Succession Strategies

Business ownership brings its own set of responsibilities.  Changing your current business structure or successfully transferrring your business before you retire requires careful planning.

Since many clients are faced with intangibles such as personal emotions, family relationships, and business associations, the objectivity of an experienced adviser can facilitate the process.  A comprehensive business succession plan can help you address specific needs such as:

  • Growing your business
  • Protecting your assets
  • Ensuring the continuation and succession of your business
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Promoting, recruiting, retaining, and rewarding your key employees
  • Maximizing your compensation benefits
  • Providing for estate equalization
  • Promoting family harmony

Risk Management

A sound financial plan must address the insurance coverages you, your spouse and family members may require.

  • Life insurance is used to pay for funeral expenses, repay outstanding debts, make charitable donations and provide living expenses for surviving family members. It can also be used to cover estate taxes and probate fees to enable your estate to be liquidated in the most appropriate manner.
  • Disability income insurance§ is to help partially replace income of persons who are unable to work because of sickness or accident. In terms of its financial effect on the family, long-term disability can be just as severe as death. Disability income protection can come from several sources: social insurance programs, employer-provided benefits, and individually purchased policies.
  • Long Term Care Insurance is a relatively new type of insurance product.  Many people do not understand what Long Term Care insurance policies cover, how and when the policies benefit, and who should obtain coverage.

§Products available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality.

 *A strategy incolcing diversification does not asure a profit and does not protect against a loss in declining markets.

Neither Eagle Strategies LLC nor any of its affiliates provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Please contact your own advisors for more information on your particular situation.



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